Monday, March 30, 2020

From the CTKG Cabinet: Meet Ariana!

Hello, my name is Ariana Moreno and I was a final candidate in the 2019 Statewide Election for Connecticut's Kid Governor. I'm now in the Kid Governor's Cabinet working with CTKG Myra!

I ran on the platform of Suicide Prevention and Mental Health. I chose this issue because it is a topic that many people don't like to talk about. That's why I would like to change that perspective and break the stigma. I want kids to know that how they feel isn't bad and there is hope for them. It's not as easy as it seems so I want to spread awareness. To do this, I will share my three point plan:
  • Bring more support groups to schools
  • Making lime green loom bracelets to sell and raise money (green is the color for mental health)
  • Have a charity walk on September 10th (Suicide Prevention Day) and October 10th (World Mental Health Day)
Since the Statewide Election, I have raised money in my school for mental health and I am currently working on making loom bracelets. I will continue to work on my platform by selling bracelets, planning the charity walks on September 10th and October 10th, and working on making more support groups in Connecticut schools.  

If you would like to support my platform you can make bracelets, suggest to your principal to make a support group in your school, and finally participate in the charity walks. 

I would love to hear about how you are making a difference around suicide and mental health in your own community. Email to tell me about it! You can visit to read about the other Kid Governor's Cabinet members.

- Ariana Moreno
Casimir Pulaski Elementary School
Meriden, CT

Friday, March 20, 2020

CAS, Cabinet Meetings, and CT Humane Society

The past few weeks have gone by very quickly, and I think you may like to know what I’ve been doing lately.

In February, I went to the Aqua Turf for two special Elementary Arts Banquets for amazing artists from all around Connecticut. It was presented by the Connecticut Association of Schools. I spoke in front of hundreds of people and told them about my platform. I was able to introduce my poster contest idea to many people who were interested in art, and we got many students to sign up. There were all kinds of different people there, teachers, principals, parents, and students! I had so much fun talking to all of the kids there, and they were all super nice!

I also worked on part of the first step in my platform, informing Connecticut about animal abuse and helping animals in need!! I interviewed Ashley Marshall from the Connecticut Humane Society (who is very nice, by the way ) and she told me all about how the Humane Society works, and all of the “behind the scenes” things they have to do everyday! Anyways, that video will be out very soon for you and your friends to watch!

Me and Ashley Marshall in my office at Connecticut's Old State House.
As part of my video recording, we stopped by the Humane Society, gave donations that students at my school collected, and visited animals! This worked out quite well for me, because while visiting with the dogs and cats I saw a puppy named Mateo who I immediately fell in love with. After much persuasion, my mom agreed to adopt him! He is doing well with our family, and I am glad to have given him a forever home. I hope you can give an animal in a shelter THEIR forever home! 

Getting ready to bring Mateo home!
I also had my first Cabinet meeting in February! We played an icebreaker to get to know each other, and did a scavenger hunt around the Old State House! We got to take selfies whenever we found a clue, and it was super fun! We also had a meeting to talk about our individual platforms and how we can support each other. I really like working with the members of my Cabinet - we are going to accomplish a lot this year! 

Me with members of my Cabinet!
LtoR: Kylie, Daisy, Myra, Derek, Ariana

As you can see, I have been busy over the last few months as your Kid Governor! I would love to hear from you about how you are Standing Up for Animals in Need in your school or community. Email me at to tell me and share your ideas!

Your Kid Governor,


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Relive CTKG Myra's Inauguration!

A message from your friends at The Connecticut Democracy Center...

On Friday, January 17, 2020, Myra Stanfield was sworn in as the 2020 Connecticut's Kid Governor! (CTKG) She received the Oath of Office from Secretary of the State Denise Merrill in front of 230 students, teachers, parents, elected officials, dignitaries, and members of the media in a special ceremony at Connecticut's Old State House in Hartford.

2020 CTKG Myra takes the Oath of Office from Secretary Merrill. 

You can relive the excitement of the Inauguration by watching the livestream of the Ceremony and News Conference. Advance to 1:41:06 to watch CTKG Myra's Inaugural Speech, or read the text of it below! Check out our album of photos from Inauguration Day on Facebook.

Good morning,

Thank you all for coming today!

First, I would like to thank the 5th graders all across the state of Connecticut who voted in the Kid Governor election last fall. 

A couple more people I would like to acknowledge are the other Kid Governor finalists: Ariana (ARE-ee-ah-nuh), Daisy, Derek, Dwayne, Kylie, and Lucie. You all had great platforms and I am super excited to have you in my Cabinet this year! 

Next, I would like to thank my teachers, Mrs. Heaton, and Mrs. Larson They’ve been supportive of me since the beginning of my Kid Governor experience and are great mentors. And thank you so much to my amazing friends, Ali, Alex and Kennedy. Finally, my family members, my moms Sandy, Cindy, and Laurie, my brother Simon, and my sister Carley. They are also a strong support system for me. 

Congratulations to 2019 Kid Governor Ella Briggs on her successful year in office. She has done an incredible job as Kid Governor and I know she will do amazing things in her lifetime.

Thank you to all of the dignitaries that are here today: Governor Lamont, Lieutenant Governor Bysiewicz (Bye-Sue-Witts), Secretary Merrill, Treasurer Wooden, Deputy Attorney General Chapple (Chap-pull), Commissioner of Education Cardona, and Judge Eveleigh (Ev-uh-lee). I am also happy that elected officials from my hometown of West Hartford were able to attend today: Senator Slap, Representative Gilchrest, Representative Verrengia (Verr-en-gee-uh), and Mayor Cantor. 

It is also an honor to have past Kid Governor Jessica Brocksom, whose platform also focused on helping animals, here today.  

My final thank you goes out to The Connecticut Democracy Center, Mr. Cofrancesco,  Ms. Whipple, Mr. Orcutt, and Ms. Gorski for running the Kid Governor program so well, and teaching fifth grade students that their votes matter and that their voices can make a difference.

I ran for Kid Governor because of my love of animals. During my 2020 term, I will work towards accomplishing the three main goals of my platform, Standing Up for Animals in Need.

First, I will inform people about animal cruelty and animals in need. To achieve this point, I will interview an expert on companion animals to learn more about animal cruelty, companion animals that are in need in our state, how humane societies and shelters help them, and what kids like us can do to help these animals. I will share what I learn with 5th graders all across Connecticut. 

Second, I will encourage schools to fundraise and collect toys, blankets and other supplies for their local animal shelters to make shelter pets feel loved. We will have a statewide poster contest for artwork about helping animals, and the winning designs will be shared with schools so they can promote their collections. I will also share tips and advice for planning a collection in your school.

Third, I will hold a statewide adoption event for Connecticut families who are interested in adopting a pet, or who want to show their support for companion animals in need. 

As your new Kid Governor, I will have important conversations with students and adults  all over Connecticut. We will talk about many things concerning animals in need and what differences you can make in a pet’s life just by being kind to them. Every animal deserves to have a safe place to live, with people that love them and treat them with kindness and respect. 

Thank you all for coming today to celebrate my Inauguration and for listening to my goals as your Kid Governor. I hope you will join me this year in STANDING UP for Animals in Need!!

CTKG Myra and her Cabinet at Inauguration Day
Left to Right: Daisy Wimberly, Derek Gaszek, Ariana Moreno, Myra Stanfield, Kylie Nachin, Lucie Martinelli, Dwayne Ceasar

Monday, January 20, 2020

Welcome to my blog!

A message from your friends at The Connecticut Democracy Center...

CTKG Myra Stanfield was sworn in as the 2020 Connecticut's Kid Governor on Friday January 17, 2020 at Connecticut's Old State House in Hartford. Watch her inauguration HERE and visit to learn more about her platform and term!

Hello! My name is Myra Stanfield and most of you reading this will know that I am the 2020 Connecticut's Kid Governor. As you can see, this is my blog and I will try to post as much as I can to let you guys know what I'm doing over the course of the year.

My platform, or the problem in our community, I will be working to solve is animal cruelty and helping animals. I have named my platform Standing Up for Animals in Need.  I got the idea from my love of animals. I didn't like the fact that pets (also called "companion animals") all over our state need help. I realized that this is a bigger problem than many of us might think. Don't you think that every animal, no matter how big or small, should be treated with kindness and respect and have a loving home?

You might be wondering: how does this kid plan to help animals in need? This is how:

  1. I will inform people about the problem of animal cruelty and explain how kids can help animals in need.
  2. I will encourage schools to hold fundraisers and collect blankets, toys and supplies for local shelter animals to brighten their lives. I will also hold a poster design contest for 5th graders to create artwork about helping animals.
  3. I will hold a statewide adoption event for families interested in adopting a pet, or families who just love animals but can't adopt one.

There you go. That's my plan for the year! Stay tuned for more information about my platform in the coming months!

Your Kid Governor,